4 Fabrics You Need in Your Summer Wardrobe

Living in Georgia, the heat and humidity have always made picking a summer outfit difficult. Do I choose something stylish and girly or something I know I won't sweat to death in?
While there is no way to get around the summertime temperatures, there are fabrics that help you beat the heat and stay on trend. Below you will find a guide to four of the best fabrics to add to your summer wardrobe.


Cotton tshirt
Have you ever noticed that as it gets warmer outside, stores begin to fill with clothing items made of cotton? There's a reason for that and why your summer wardrobe consists of so many cotton dresses, shirts, and flowy skirts.
Cotton is a natural fiber which allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric. A good quality lightweight cotton absorbs moisture, allowing you too cool down quickly.
However, beware of dark cotton colors, which can reveal those dreaded sweat marks! Your best bet is to aim for light cotton colors.


linen dress

Linen, Linen, Linen!!!! My favorite summer fabric! I love the boho textured style of this fabric, plus it is another natural fiber that will keep you cool as a cucumber this summer.
This fabric is a jack of all trades. It keeps you warm in the winter but cool in the summer. This fabric is also much stronger than your typical cotton, so you can always count on these pieces to hold up season after season.


chambray shorts

Adele Distressed Hem Shorts
Love the look of denim but hate the feel when it's hot outside? Chambray is your denim alternative in the summer!
It is much lighter than your normal denim pieces but still just as durable. The finer weave count allows for ultimate breathability (no more dreaded butt sweat!). It can be easily dressed up with wedges and a cute tank or down with your favorite sandals and cotton tee. 


jersey dress

Is there a better feeling than falling asleep on jersey sheets after a day in the sun? Well the same feeling can apply for your summer wardrobe.
The flexibility and comfort of this fabric make it a popular option for summer. Ever heard the saying “buttery soft”? That term comes from this type of fabric. There truly is nothing more soft and comfortable than a jersey knit - and you still look fabulous while wearing it!